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Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
  Central Park West & 77th Street, Midtown West, New York, NY 10023
Local Flavor, Festivals
The cultural construction of the British The cultural construction of the British world
Consultation Across Cultural Contexts: Consultee-Centered Consultation Across Cultural Contexts: Consultee-Centered Case Studies
Consultation Across Cultural Contexts: Consultee-Centered Consultation Across Cultural Contexts: Consultee-Centered Case Studies
Walking Manhattan 30 Strolls Exploring Cultural Walking Manhattan 30 Strolls Exploring Cultural Treasures, Entertainment Centers, and Historical Sites in the Heart of New York City
The Cultural Intelligence Difference by David Free Delivery Worldwide : The Cultural Intelligence Difference : Hardback : Amacom : 9780814417065 : 081441706X : 08 Jun 2011 : Gives readers: a scientifically validated instrument for measuring their personal cultural intelligence (CQ) score; customized strategies for improving interactions with people from diverse cultures; various findings on the bottom-line benefits of cultural intelligence; and, examples of major organizations that use CQ to achieve success.
Cultural Intelligence by David A. Livermore Free Delivery Worldwide : Cultural Intelligence : Paperback : Baker Publishing Group : 9780801035890 : 0801035899 : 01 May 2009 : An intercultural ministry expert demonstrates the necessity of Cultural Intelligence for effectively serving an increasingly diverse church and world.
Cultural Memory by Jeanette Rodriguez Free Delivery Worldwide : Cultural Memory : Paperback : University of Texas Press : 9780292716643 : 0292716648 : 01 Jun 2007 : Cultural memories are those transformative historical experiences that define a culture, even as time passes and it adapts to new influences. For oppressed peoples, cultural memory engenders the spirit of resistance. This interdisciplinary examination explores how four such forms of cultural memory have preserved the spirit of a particular people.
Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, Smith, using his unique insights, argues that Christian education is a formative process centered on liturgy, spiritual formation, and desire. As such, it constitutes a counter-formation to secular liturgies such as malls, stadiums and other secular liturgical structures. By forming Christians in this way, Smith believes we can reorient our desires toward the flourishing of God's kingdom and employ worship as the pedagogical tool to root our liturgy and spiritual formation in love. Volume one in the Cultural Liturgies series, Desiring the Kingdom promises to present a new and challenging pedagogical paradigm for teachers and pastors alike.
Cultural Studies 1983 by Stuart Hall Free Delivery Worldwide : Cultural Studies 1983 : Paperback : Duke University Press : 9780822362630 : 0822362635 : 17 Oct 2016 : Unavailable until now, these eight lectures delivered by Stuart Hall in 1983 at the University of Illinois introduced North American audiences to the intellectual history of British cultural studies while simultaneously presenting Hall's original engagements with the theoretical positions that contributed to the formation of cultural studies.
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