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Education Digest Magazine - 1 year(s) 9 issues - Designed for the educator and administrator as a source of what's happening in education today.
CafePress If you think education is expensive If you think education is expensive, try ignorance Mini Button (10 pack) - Add fun accents to jackets, backpacks, or mix 'n match our Mini Buttons. Our Mini Buttons are the perfect size for trading and collecting. Pin 'em on!1 inch diameterMetal shellMylar/UV protecting coverPinned metal back
Education Week Magazine - 1 year(s) 37 issues - American education's newspaper of record, provides timely, objective and comprehensive reports on trends and developments that are shaping K-12 education.
Christian Education Give your students a strong spiritual foundation for the future. Written by leading Christian educators, this comprehensive collection of articles helps you develop an innovative, biblically based education program to take you into the 21st century. You'll discover how to choose and train leaders, minister to all ages, plan lessons, manage a classroom effectively, and much more.
Horizons Physical Education Grades 6-8 Horizon's multidimensional Physical Education Curriculum looks to goals beyond that of pure physical fitness. Physical Education helps children to learn how to use the body as an instrument for God, a goal which acts as the end for other objectives such as fitness & sports education, commitment, competition and conduct. The first lesson includes notes for using the curriculum, including physical education, goals, curriculum model, plans, administration notes and other teaching helps, all of which are given from a Christian perspective. Each grade's chapter includes information on developing, creating, and producing control skills, motor abilities and specialized sport skills, and contains notes on helping students to build strength and flexibility. Exercises, weight-lifting guides, BMI and other fitness evaluation charts, drills, stewardship lessons and various other activities are described and some illustrated; many include ideas for which two or multiple students will be necessary. Physical Education integrates actual physical activities with teaching on the total health of the body, including eating habits, Scripture-related lessons, communication skills, defined new sports terms, and other non-active content. 496 pages, softcover. Grades 6-8.
Malala - All I Want is an Education! Poster This customizable Malala - All I Want is an Education! Poster is designed on the poster and would interest those who like malala, education, women, peace, love, courage, and rights stuff.
The End of Education by Neil Postman Free Delivery Worldwide : The End of Education : Paperback : Random House USA Inc : 9780679750314 : 0679750312 : 01 Dec 1996 : From the acclaimed author of The Disappearance of Childhood and Technopoly comes an original and provocative analysis of America's current crisis in education--a scathing critique of schools which merely teach students to earn more, buy more, worship technology, and cling to their ethnic differences.
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