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Urban Decay 'Fast Easy Sexy - Instaflare' Urban Decay Fast Easy Sexy Partial False Lashes pop on in seconds, without any bending, molding or trimming necessary, and totally amp up your look. Each lash is handmade with cruelty-free synthetic hair, while included adhesive that dries clear makes for a stress-free application.Pro tips: Apply glue to the base of the false lashes, and wait 10 seconds for the glue to become tacky. Position just above your natural lash line and hold in place until set. To increase the life of the lashes, regular cleaning with your fingers and a little eye makeup remover will do the job. Brand: URBAN DECAY. Style Name:Urban Decay 'Fast Easy Sexy - Instaflare' Partial False Eyelashes. Style Number: 887996. Available in stores.
Lancôme Le Curler Eyelash Curler - . Dramatic lasting curl. Surprisingly gentle. Find ultimate control with its specially designed no-slip grip. Its unique silicone pads guard against breaking and gently cushion every lash to create a sweeping, crease free curl. Finally, effortless curling your lashes will love. Fits any eye shape or lash type. - Color: . - Size: No Size
Tweezerman 'Ilashcomb™' Folding Eyelash Define and separate your lashes with ILASHCOMB, a comb that leaves your lashes perfectly spaced while removing excess mascara for a lovely, clump-free look. It even folds up to protect comb teeth when not in use.How to use: While still wet with mascara, comb your lashes by moving up and away from your eyes. If applying more than one coat, comb lashes out after additional applications. Clean regularly after use. Color(s): pink. Brand: Tweezerman. Style Name:Tweezerman 'Ilashcomb' Folding Eyelash Comb. Style Number: 833752. Available in stores.
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