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MLB 10: The Show (Sony PSP, 2010) Sony's exclusive baseball series continues its PSP run with this enhanced version of MLB 09. Key changes for this installment include new personalized batting stances, new stadiums, updated rosters, and various artificial intelligence tweaks. The game otherwise offers the same play modes found in the previous installment, from the career-styled "Road to the Show" option, where you guide a created athlete from the minors to the big leagues, to the "Rivalry Mode," which has you battling the same team for an extended number of games. Ad-hoc wireless is play is also included, allowing you to challenge a friend in a head-to-head game.
Killzone: Liberation (Sony PSP, 2006) - European Sony's original shooter franchise sets its sights on PSP with a new perspective on the futuristic action. Instead of retaining the PlayStation 2 version's first-person perspective, the developers opted for a third-person view set behind the lead character. As the grizzled soldier known as Templar, players must rescue hostages imprisoned by the tyrannical General Metrac. Metrac's forces, which include killer canines and riot-shield equipped bodyguards, can be stopped using an assortment of high-powered weapons, ranging from sniper rifles to explosive-tipped crossbow bolts.

While Templar would be more than happy to go it alone, he will periodically be joined by computer-controlled teammates to help balance the odds. Orders can be assigned to AI teammates from a tactical command interface, and players can also drive vehicles such as tanks and hovercraft throughout the game's 16 missions. New abilities can be earned by engaging in special challenge games, many of which are designed to test a player's shooting skill. Ad-hoc wireless support is included for cooperative play with a friend or for six-player competitive battles on a choice of six maps.
MLB 11: The Show (Sony PSP, 2011) Sony's critically acclaimed baseball simulation comes to the PSP for another season of grounders, curveballs, and road trips in MLB 11: The Show. The popular RPG-like "Road to the Show" mode returns, with potential aces and five-tool studs beginning with more present skills, and now earning points for less concrete accomplishments such as inducing easy outs or working a good at-bat. "Rivalry Mode" also returns, once again allowing players to track stats as they take on the same team for an extended number of games. New additions include updated rosters, new stadiums, AI improvements, and personalized batting stances, and multiplayer fans can once again challenge a friend to head-to-head games using the Ad-hoc wireless mode.
DJ Max Portable 3 (Sony PSP, 2010) The cult music franchise returns to PSP gamers with more frenetic action, uptempo tracks, and an all-new Remix System in DJ Max Portable 3. Players once again attempt to press specific buttons when "falling notes" hit the designated area, keeping the music flowing freely to earn combos and post high scores. The game features a new three-button mode, while the Remix System mode introduces two new notes and finds players tweaking the analog nub to simulate scratches and cross-fading.

There are more than 50 songs in all, and gamers can once again unlock dozens of music videos, soundtracks, and images. Multiple difficulty levels and multiple button configurations let players challenge themselves, but those looking for human competition can also take on friends in wireless network battles.
SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs -- Fireteam Bravo The Fireteam Bravo series returns to PSP with a storyline that finds the four-man squad on a hunt for an ex-KGB agent who may know where weapons of mass destruction are being hidden. As a Navy SEAL commander, you must order your team to perform various tactical maneuvers to ensure your success. Master the new cover system to minimize damage while unlocking gear and weapons by completing objectives throughout the single-player campaign. Also included is cooperative play supporting two to four soldiers via Ad-hoc wireless connection, and 16-player competitive action via Ad-hoc or Infrastructure modes. Once you've completed the main story, continue the action through user-created missions or revisit specific scenarios to earn medals and ribbons.
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (Sony PSP, Konami's Metal Gear Solid franchise continues with this exclusive PSP release, the first on the handheld to be designed and written by series creator Hideo Kojima. The '70s-era storyline focuses on "Naked Snake" and the mercenary-type soldiers under his command. Snake's soldiers are pressed into action when a mysterious, hostile force threatens Costa Rica's peaceful existence. While players will once again rely on stealth to accomplish mission objectives, Peace Walker borrows elements from other genres as well, from the tactics used in real-time strategy games to the character customization found in action role-playing titles.

In addition to the single-player campaign, Peace Walker includes cooperative multiplayer support for up to four soldiers. Key features within multiplayer games include the Co-op Ring and Snake Formation. In the former, players can freely share items, equipment, and even life gauges as they work together to complete various challenges. The latter has one player taking on a commanding role as the rest of the squad focuses on defensive maneuvers. Throughout the game, adversaries can be knocked out and transported to a main base, where you'll be able to gradually expand your team's capabilities using shared resources.
Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee (Sony PSP, 2005) After teeing-off on the original PlayStation and playing two successful rounds on PS2, the Clap Hanz-developed Hot Shots Golf series goes portable for the first time in this PSP game. Sticking with the well-established theme of "Golf for the People," Open Tee features exaggerated characters, useful power-ups, and a slew of unlockables, adding a friendly stroke of wackiness to an otherwise realistically challenging simulation of the sport.

A total of ten customizable golfer characters eventually become available, to be joined by one of five personable caddies on the game's six courses. As in the console versions of the title, shots are taken with three timed button taps, and the contours of the greens are easily read through a dynamic grid display. A practice mode is available, to help players get a feel for the idiosyncrasies of each course and character, and the PSP's Ad-hoc peer-to-peer wireless connectivity supports multiplayer golfing for up to eight.
Daxter (Sony PSP, 2006) - European Version The irascible Daxter's first foray on PSP finds the ottsel searching for pal Jak in a series of futuristic platform-style environments. In order to find clues to his friend's whereabouts, Daxter signs up for a job as Haven City's pest exterminator. The cantankerous critter must now battle hordes of metallic insects while exploring the city's different sectors and mastering a few tools of the trade. Available gadgets include a bug swatter and an upgradeable spray gun, but Daxter's agility is also an advantage: he can climb walls, sneak up on enemies, hop in vehicles, and scoot through tight spaces. Players looking for a little more hands-on action will be able to challenge up to three other friends in an assortment of combat arenas. The game also offers support for the PlayStation 2's Jak X: Combat Racing, where players can unlock extra features in either game by connecting the two platforms via USB cable.
Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 (Sony PSP, 2008) Sony's signature golf series makes its second trip to North American PSPs in Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2. Released just three months after the first Hot Shots title for PS3, developer Clap Hanz promises more of the series' trademark oddball characters and realistic golf physics in its second handheld outing. The number of characters and courses has been doubled, meaning gamers can use two-dozen golfers to duff around 12 highly detailed courses.

Single-player modes include challenge, training, and stroke play, and golfers competing in tournaments can unlock more than 300 different accessories, including clubs, hairstyles, shoes, and clothing, all of which affect player attributes. Gamers can also compete in 16-player global tournaments online, or use the Ad-hoc mode to compete with up to eight players in match play or head-to-head shootouts.
SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs -- Fireteam Bravo The PlayStation 2's first and foremost online gaming series deploys on PlayStation Portable in SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Fireteam Bravo. A single-player campaign sends players through 14 missions of military intrigue and action, set in locations around the world. Multiplayer missions are supported wirelessly, between two PSP Fireteam players. The PSP's Fireteam Bravo also interoperates with the PS2's concurrently released SOCOM 3, through special "cross-talk" objectives. These mission goals require players to accomplish objectives in both versions of SOCOM, to move the shared story forward. When a particular goal is reached on either PlayStation platform, players receive a notification that prompts them to connect the PSP to the PS2 through USB ports, so both versions of the game are updated with new goals and rewards.
Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters (Sony PSP, To save a schoolgirl named Luna in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, single-players must take control of two characters and adventure through numerous environments in the "Story" mode. Assisting gamers through the game is a variety of gadgets, weapons, and armor. Gadgets include the Sprout-O-Matic and the Swingshot, while enemies are destroyed using such weapons as the Bee Mine glove and the Acid Bomb. Gamers can equip and swap armor to create different upgrades and effects. For example, equipping full sets of matching armor can envelope Ratchet's wrench or spread freezing crystals. In the multiplayer arena, gamers can play through both Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure connections, and there are several modes and hidden areas that feature multiplayer weapon upgrades. Players can go head-to-head in "Deathmatch" or cooperate in "Team Deathmatch" and "Capture the Flag." Additionally, a mode called "Iron Lombax" requires gamers to team up and complete objectives that include turning Martian cows into fast food. Players may accomplish this task by collecting the burger bound bovines honestly or by stealing them from your opponents.
SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs -- Tactical Strike The third SOCOM game on PSP takes a different approach to the squad-based action than in previous titles. Players in Tactical Strike issue real-time commands to their four-man squad and lead missions as active observers rather than direct participants. Designed similarly to Full Spectrum Warrior, players can issue movement, attack, and cover orders to individual units, two-man teams, or the full squad. The single-player campaign follows the team on a mission to rescue the ambassador of Panama from insurgents. Players must evaluate the situation, create a plan of action, and then execute the plan using authentic Special Forces tactics.

The campaign includes nine story-driven missions and 18 instant action missions, allowing players to earn various skill, gear, and weapons upgrades. Featured locales include a mix of urban, industrial, and jungle environments. Multiplayer support is available for up to four players in both Ad-hoc and Infrastructure modes. Players can choose from the following nine international Special Forces teams, whose members speak in their native languages: British SAS, German KSK, French GIGN, Australian SARS, Spanish UOE, Netherlands KCT, Italian Col Moschin, Korean 707th, and U.S. Navy SEALs. Headset support is also included to improve communication among online players.
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